Over the time that you own your enterprise, there are few tasks that can be more complicated or difficult than moving to a new building. Due to the fact that this is not a task that will often need to be done, you may not have much experience with hiring professional movers. To help you be prepared for this task, you will want to understand the following answers to common commercial moving service questions.

What If You Have Large Equipment Needing To Be Moved?

From copy machines to industrial equipment, there are likely a number of complicated and heavy pieces of equipment that your company must use to function. Not surprisingly, these items can be rather difficult to move, but commercial moving services are able to move many of the more common large machines used by companies. If you have industrial equipment or other specialty devices, you may need to either disassemble these machines or provide the movers with detailed instruction on disassembling these items. In addition to signing a waiver, you may also need to pay an additional fee for these services.

How Much Packing Will You Need To Do Before The Movers Arrive?

Many commercial moving services also offer packing services. While these services can greatly reduce the time that your employees must spend packing, it is advisable for your employees to pack their own workspaces. This will help them to quickly set up their desks in the new building, which can limit the impact of the move on the overall productivity of your workers. In addition to having employees pack their own workspaces, you will also want to make sure that you have backups of your company's digital information. This can easily be done by purchasing a high-capacity portable hard drive and backing up the files from each computer and server.

Will The Cost Of Moving Your Company's Equipment Differ From The Quoted Price?

One of the first steps in moving your business is to have quotes prepared by several moving firms. These quotes will detail the anticipated costs of the move as well as the amount of time needed to complete this project. You should be aware that quotes can be either binding or nonbinding. When you are working with a provider that uses non-binding quotes, the final price of the move may differ from what you were quoted. With a binding quote, the final price will never differ regardless of whether there were cost overruns or not.

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