If you are going to be moving in the near future, you will most likely pack up your belongings in boxes and containers and wrap your furniture so it is not damaged while in transit. While you are accomplishing these tasks, it is important to think about the well-being of the moving service workers so they do not become injured in any way while moving your things onto their truck. Here are some tips you can use to make sure the movers are not at risk for getting hurt while moving your belongings.

Keep Animals And Small Children In Another Room

It is a good idea to designate one room in the home for the containment of children and pets at the time the moving service is at the home collecting your belongings. Place a note on the door alerting workers not to open it as there are occupants inside that could get in the way of progress if they are let out. Enlist a friend or loved one to babysit children during the moving process so they are not scared of sounds of large pieces of furniture as they are being hauled through the home to go on the truck and so they stay out of the way.

Give Workers A Clear Path For Maneuvering Through Your Home

It is best to place all items being moved around the perimeters of the rooms where they are located. This will allow the movers to have ample space to walk through the rooms without worrying about tripping over boxes or containers in the process. They can also utilize the middles of the rooms to readjust the weight of larger items if necessary. Use a door stop to keep doors open so workers do not need to worry about opening it to get out to the truck.

Avoid An Awkward Packing Job And Use Appropriate Supplies

When you pack your belongings, place heavier items inside smaller boxes rather than larger ones. This will help keep the weight at an appropriate level for moving without causing someone to struggle to carry it out of the home. Do not reuse cardboard boxes as they may not be structurally sound. Instead, purchase new boxes so the items are at less risk of falling out due to weakened cardboard. Make sure to use heavy-duty packing tape along the bottoms of the boxes to give them added security. Do not fold the flaps under one another. Tape will work better at keeping the boxes closed as there will be no mishaps where the flaps mistakenly move out of place.