Moving is one of the more expensive decisions you can make. If you are delaying your much needed move because you are concerned about the cost, there are fortunately ways to keep the moving costs down.

Share A Moving Truck

If you know someone who is also moving, see if you can share a moving truck. This is especially possible if you do not have a lot of belongings, such as if you lived in a studio apartment. However, this may be difficult to coordinate. There are also apps that are designed specifically to coordinate this.

Move During The Winter

The best time to move is during the winter. Work is slower for moving companies and it will be much easier to find a better rate. If you are not happy with the prices of a particular moving company, bring up that this is a slower season and they may be more willing to negotiate a lower price. However, you should not move at the end of the month because this is actually the busiest season for moving companies.

Don't Assume That The Estimate Is The Final Cost

Do not assume that the estimate from the moving company is what you will be paying. There are many other factors to consider when determining how much you will owe in the end. Also, find out if you will be required to tip. 

Get Free Boxes

Boxes can add to the cost of moving. Fortunately, there are a lot of companies that are specialized in recycling boxes and can provide many for free. Not only will using recycled boxes save you money, but it will also be much better for the environment. If you have any leftover boxes, you can reuse them, but do not use them to store heavy objects. Boxes tend to wear out overtime with repeated use.

Take Everything Apart

Take everything apart that you can. This includes beds, tables, cabinets and any equipment that your home uses. By disassembling, you will be able to fit more into the moving truck. You will be able to use a smaller moving truck and will be less likely to need a second one. Also, it will be easier to share a moving truck with someone else.

Claim Your Move On Your Taxes

You are allowed to claim moving expenses on your tax return. However, you will need to include all of the receipts to prove each of your moving expenses. Moving and storage costs are all included in the moving expenses that you can claim as a deduction.

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