Just because you have limited mobility doesn't mean that having access to self storage is off the table. If moving, packing, and organizing household items and boxes are activities that you cannot perform, there are other options. Here are three workarounds if your limited mobility is prohibiting you from renting a storage unit.

1. Find a Storage Facility That Can Meet Your Needs

If you can move your items on carts or dollies, see what options your storage facility might have. They might be able to help load your storage for a fee, and can rent equipment that will make loading and unloading easier. Some facilities can rent units that you can back a truck right up to with a loading dock, making moving boxes much easier. Don't put extra strain on a bad back or other issue just because you have to put things in storage. Find a facility that can cater to your specific limitations.

2. Source a Task-Based Helper

If you are okay with some aspects of packing up and getting your items into storage, you might just need an extra hand with the heavy lifting. Sometimes it can be hard to find a friend or loved one to help with a weekend project such as packing up a storage unit. Task-based companies that do background checks on their workers are available for odd jobs like helping with a move. If you just need someone to get your items loaded and unloaded, you can do the rest when it comes to packing and organizing your storage unit even with limitations.

3. Source a Third Party Mover

If you need to have items moved to storage and all the steps involved, you can still hire movers for this service. This is worth the cost if you will have a hard time with all parts of facilitating getting your items to storage—from packing, to moving, transporting, and unpacking. If you don't have too much extra cash to pay for movers, look into non-profit organizations that might offer services for a smaller fee. A full-service moving company can get your items stored safely with your supervision.

Depending on your level of mobility and how much you can lift or transport, there are various options that can empower you. You don't need to always rely on friends and family when it comes to moving large household items. If you can source movers, transportation, or facilities that can cater to your needs, renting and accessing a storage unit like Epic Group Inc should be attainable.