Kayaking, bicycling, hiking, skiing, or otherwise exploring nature are healthy and enjoyable pastimes. However, they also require a lot of equipment, and packing all of that equipment into your car every time you want to adventure in your favorite park can be a bit time-consuming. If packing time is keeping you from enjoying your favorite outdoor activities as often as you'd like, consider renting a storage unit near your favorite destination, so you can keep your equipment nearby.

Special Considerations

This method really only offers benefits if you have a certain park or area that you frequent, and if that park is a decent drive from your home. It's also better suited to groups of several people who adventure together rather than individuals, since you can split the cost of the storage unit to make it more affordable. That being said, it's pretty easy to make storing your adventuring equipment in a storage unit work for you with these tips.

Some Tips

Consider the location of your storage unit carefully.

Ideally, it should be as close to your hiking, kayaking, or skiing location as possible, so you can carry your items in from the unit rather than having to pack them in your car. Make sure the unit is not only close, but also in a section of town that allows you to access the park safely. For instance, a unit that's 0.2 miles away from the park sounds great – but not if it's separated from the park by an industrial facility.

If there are no storage facilities in close enough proximity to the park you frequent, you may want to look into storing your things at a private storage building. You can often find individuals who are renting garage or basement storage space in classified ads.

Make sure the unit is secure.

Whether you rent space from a storage business or an individual, make sure that security is top-notch. Don't rent from a business without security cameras or an individual who cannot provide references. Your equipment is likely pretty expensive to replace, so having it stolen would be tragic.

Always store the equipment properly.

Don't just dump your equipment on the floor of the unit and call it a day. Hang bikes so that the tires don't develop rot from sitting on the ground; hang your kayaks so the bottoms don't get ruined, and so forth. Spending money to rent a unit is not worthwhile if your things get ruined in the process.

For more information, contact American Storage or a similar company.