Storage units almost seem like second nature these days with so many facilities and options available. With units that seem safe and secure, it might seem as if anything goes and that you can haul anything to your storage unit. Here are four things that you actually should never put into storage.

1. Perishables

You wouldn't store food items that might go bad in a few days, but you might not even think twice about items with a longer shelf life. If a storage unit doesn't have explicit temperature control, this can cause things like soda, pet food, and dry goods to expire sooner than they should. Also, without constant monitoring, rodents and insects might be able to get to your items. These are better to keep at home where you can manage them.

2. Anything Illegal

This might go without saying, but for some, out-of-sight, out-of-mind might make them feel better. If you have anything that might be considered illegal, keeping this in a storage unit linked to your name is a no-no. Don't think that you will be off the hook if illegal items are simply out of your home, it is a much better idea to get rid of illegal items all together.

3. Firearms and Explosives

Firearms and explosives should be kept in a safe, monitored place. This might be okay to store, but may come with extra insurance and must be disclosed. Make sure to check in with your storage facility before storing firearms or explosives to make sure this is even an option. Keeping these items away from your home might seem like the best option. The thing is that you might face bigger issues down the road if your stored items get in the wrong hands and inadvertently cause damage to others.

4. Irreplaceable Items

You might know better than to put expensive items into storage. Family heirlooms and items that aren't worth money to others but are irreplaceable to you shouldn't be stored away. Just because these are behind lock and key doesn't mean they aren't at risk to be stolen, damaged or lost.

It can seem like an easy fix to lock up things in storage that you don't need around. It is important to be sure before you pack up your unit that the supplies you are storing should be stored, and that it is safe. If you are unsure, it is a good idea to run this by your storage facility, one like ABC Moving & Storage, ahead of time so that you don't get into any trouble down the line.