If you will be leaving your household items in storage, packing and organization are important. Whether you are in between moves or storing items for a longer period of time, packing for storage is a different type of packing than a quick move. Here are four things to keep in mind when packing and setting up your self storage unit.

1. Label all of Your Boxes and Make a Map

Clearly label all of your boxes and then make yourself a small map of the unit's layout in order to remember what's where. You will be happy later on when you have forgotten that kitchen items are in the back left corner. You aren't going to remember which box is which after a period of time, so it will help if you label from the beginning.

2. Heavy Things on the Bottom, Light Things on Top

This might seem like a given, but if you are transferring boxes from a moving truck, you might inadvertently just start stacking boxes, accidentally packing boxes in storage in reverse. If boxes are going to be stored for a while, it is important to make sure they are sturdy and can hold up to packing and stacking. Give lighter boxes a chance by stacking them on top.

3. Hide Your Valuables

If you will have things in your storage unit that are worth some money, don't have these items front and center. If you have a nice lamp or a set of nice silverware, make a little effort to hide these in your self storage unit. If your unit is broken into, don't leave the good stuff up front like a prize to take. Hide these in the back so that thieves won't have time to find your valuables.

4. Leave a Space for Access Within the Unit

If you might be needing to access items here and there, a wall of furniture and boxes will make it hard for you to be able to get into your unit. When organizing, make sure there is enough space to leave an access area so that you can step into the unit and pull your items easily. This will save you time in the long run and is worth having a little bit bigger of a unit if needed.

Self storage might be something that you don't want to give much thought to, but it shouldn't just be out of sight, out of mind. If you can put just a little effort into packing and organizing, this will save you time and headaches down the road and is definitely worth it up front. For more storage tips, contact a company like Manteca Self Store It.